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The Relevance of Research
Research Concepts

Here are the concepts you will research for your Research Project (Due Monday 2.7)

Skepticism (or scepticism)

You may use any resources available, but do use at least the following sources:

Knowledge: A Dictionary of Philosophical Terms and Names,
                              The Catholic Encyclopedia

Skepticism The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy,
                               The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Ancient Skepticism)

Epistemology:  A Dictionary of Philosophical Terms and Names,

Objective: As a result of this activity the successful student will demonstrate the ability to find relevant research sources, analyze their content, and communicate results concerning a philosophical topic.

Please note that this is intended as an exercise in critical reading. Just copying or restating someone's ideas is not valuable here. Your task is to provide a thoughtful explanation and evaluation of the ideas that you encounter. Raise questions, examine arguments, test interpretations, compare claims, draw out assumptions, give examples,
and use any other form of critical reading that you can. This is not a book report. It is a context for your original and genuine thought.

The commentary in Task #3 may help you in this project. Have a look at the comments in other Frameworks to get a broader perspective on what you are doing.

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