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InterQuest Quizzes are extra-credit opportunities. You are not required to take any, but doing so will add credit to your total grade.

These quizzes are designed as study aids to reading the texts.

Use these quizzes by reading them first (you might even print one).

Then read the appropriate text carefully, looking for the best answer to the questions in the context of the reading. Beware that the incorrect responses are to be found in the text as well. You will need to make a judgment as to the appropriate context and meaning to adduce the correct answer. The objective of these quizzes is to encourage careful and thoughtful reading. Simply making factual matches is not very valuable in a philosophic investigation.

When you have found the answers to the quiz in the text, you are ready to take the quiz online for credit.

Go to the InterQuest Journal site, log in, and select .

There you will find links to the quizzes. Quizzes will be added throughout the term. You may take a quiz one time only. You may take a quiz at any time in the term.

When you complete a quiz, you will receive responses to your answers and a grade point value. Check these responses against the text and let me know of any differences that you have with these results.

I hope you find these quizzes a valuable study aid. Please understand that these quizzes are products in development. Let me know of any difficulties that you have in using them.