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Hardcopy Packet

Note: All readings are online. See the relevant week for the reading.

You have made your Philosophical Framework selection. I will now produce a course packet based on your selection. This packet will be available for you within a week (and we will start using readings from it in Week 5.) I will send you an email message when it is ready. There are two ways to get the packet:

1. If you are on the Oregon State University campus, come to the Information Services offices on the 4th floor of the Valley Library. I will leave the packets at the front desk. There will be on with your name on it.

2. If you are not within reach of the Valley Library (e.g. you are in Singapore or Connecticut), then I will mail your packet to you. To do so I will need your postal address. Provide it using the form below:

In the meanwhile, please make good use of the Classic Text 1 which is on this website and use the commentary provided.

Your Philosophical Framework Selection
Self-Interest is Central
We Are All Parts of a Greater Whole
Faith is the Focus
Reality is Relative
Knowledge is Negligible

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