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How to Use InterQuest Journal

Your InterQuest Journal is produced in a toolset called "Blackboard Course Info". It is just a place to put webpages and various web tools. You will be using this tool to develop your own InterQuest Journal.

Getting into the Blackboard tool takes two main steps. I'll walk you through this process. Then you let me know if you have any trouble. First, please read through these instructions - take notes on the key points, then proceed.

Your first Objective: To set up a Blackboard account and enroll in the InterQuest Journal area.

Your second Objective: To open the Communication area, find the Group Pages, find your journal.

Step 1: Go to the Blackboard gateway page (read through these directions and see the link below).

Step 2: Select the button. Fill out the form

Step 3: When filling out the form you will be asked to select a username and password. These are the keys to your journal. Don't lose them! I suggest that you enter the same username and password that you use for your email account. But be sure to write these down before doing anything else. Most of the problems students have with this part of the course is due to forgoten or misremembered authentication. Write this in a notebook then put it in a wordprocessing file on your computer.

Step 4: Get to the InterQuest Journal

Liberal Arts
InterQuest Journal

Step 5: Find the button. Click on it.

Step 6: Enter the same exact username and password that you chose on the new account form (remember, the one's you wrote down?)

Step 7: Wait about a day to check back into the InterQuest Journal. I have to authorize your enrollment in the course and set up your journal area. Good work for getting this far?

Now, here is the link to the Blackboard gateway page. If you need the url, it is You can also get to the journal from the IQ Journal button on the navigation menu on the left side of any InterQuest Page.

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