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Your Journal

A journal is an informally written record of an author's observations, ideas, questions, thoughts, and reflections. In this journal you are asked to provide a written account of your reactions to the course activities, the readings, and your ideas about the philosophical issues raised through the course.

Each week you will submit a journal entry by the specified date (usually the Wednesday of each week). You will submit the journal entries as posts to the class forum. There is an area for you to post and review your own journal entries on a weekly basis. This area is secure (requires a username and password) are is available only to you and me (your instructor).

Each journal entry will be a reflection on the material read and the activities performed in the previous week.

I will check the journals weekly. I will post comments to your journal entries occasionally, but not every week.

Remember that these are informal and exploratory writing. I encourage you to express any thoughts, concerns, insights, confusions, etc. that you have about the philosophical issues you are dealing with in InterQuest.

Length and depth is important to consider. The total journals are worth 30% of your grade (to be assigned at the end of the term). This is a significant grade value. Excellent journal entries will contain 300 - 600 words per week (a double-spaced paper page hold about 250 words, so this is asking for just over one page worth).

For detailed grading criteria see Class Journals in the Online Writing Guide to Philosophy.

Address questions you have about this process to me now using the form below.

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