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Student Center

Most of what you need to proceed in InterQuest is available from this page. Look through the options below and select the link to the resource you need. If you do not find what you are looking for here, contact your guide. Select (click on) the headings below to access each area described.

First Steps!
Here is a checklist and guide to the steps you need to take in getting started with InterQuest.
This is where every student starts the course. Providing information about your learning conditions is crucial to making this a successful course for you.

The Composition Re-presentations make up 60% of your grade and are the focus of most of the work in this course.

Composition Submission Forms
Use these forms to submit your written compositions.
InterQuest Journals
A weekly account of your effort and ideas as you work through InterQuest. This Journal makes up 30% of your grade and is worth doing well.
Everything you need to succeed in the course (along with your good-will, patience, and honest effort).

Late Work Policy
Reasons to do the work assigned in the course and to submit your work on time.

Office Hours
When you need consultation with your instructor,here are the times and ways we can meet (on-line, on-phone, or face-to-face).

How your performance will be assessed fairly and openly.

Writing Guide

You will also find useful information for writing this composition in Writing Philosophy Papers: A Student Guide. This guide is available from the Oregon State University Bookstore, direct from Kendall-Hunt Publisher, and is now available in an Online Edition.

InterQuest has specific goals and objectives. You need to understand what this course aims to accomplish in partnership with you.
A major source of student struggle in InterQuest is lack of communication. When you have questions, ideas, needs, and concerns, it is crucial that you communicate them with frequency and variety.

InterQuest Quizzes are optional extra-credit activities designed to help with your reading.