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Journal Entry #2

Due 1.22

To start: read The Dynamics of Discussion.

Journal writing is introspective - an opportunity to think about your own experiences and thoughts through writing. In this entry, think back on occassions in which you have discussed aspects of your philosophical belief-system with others. It is likely that at some point in your life you have had discussions with other people on issues that are distinctly philosophical. Consider the philosophical framework that you chose and the beliefs that you have that are related to it. Sometimes people report that they have had negative and conflicting expericnes with people on these matters. Others focus on positive interactions. Most both types of experience.

The task here is to analyze some examples of philosophical discussion from your experience in an effort to identify what the positive and negative aspects are. Of particular interest is to consider how these experience influence your willingness and approach to discussion on these matter. Pay particular attention to identifying the purpose that you bring to such discussion (see Success in Discussion).

Think back on discussions that you have been involved in that dealt with issues related to your philosophical framework. In particular, consider the philosophical problem that you are working with in your Composition writing. For instance, if you had chosen the Framework "Nothing Is," your Philosphical Problem may be "Whether there is an ultimate purpose to existence or not." In writing a Journal entry, a person with this framework may described situations in which s/he voiced a position on that problem and describe how it was received by others. It turns out that they experienced significant opposition to their position and described cases sparks used by others against that position.

You are asked to provide a similar and thoughtful insight into your personal experience with discussions related to philosophical problems and ideas. Are people generally receptive and open to your ideas? Are they closed and combative? How does your experience leave you feeling about philosophical discussion?

A Journal is an open opportunity for your to express your thinking and relate experiences. Treat your Journal as an exploration into the depths of your own belief system. I'll meet you there!

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