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Journal #10
Due 3.19

In your last journal entry this term, you are asked to reflect on your experiences in this course and write your impressions of how the material and activity have affected your personal beliefs. Please recall that the key objective of InterQuest is not to change your basic beliefs, but to affect the ways that you approach and view your own belief system. Sometimes, students respond to the concept of "change" in their beliefs as if involved some sort of fault or admission that they have been wrong. In my view, the main flaw that we face as sentient creatures is the tendency to resist change in our thinking. Our belief-systems should be treated as living and growing. Every day we have to opportunity to add new information, to reassess positions, to test and strengthen arguments, to clarify our concepts, to explore new alternatives. The realm of personal belief is not a battleground in which you must defend against all others, it is a fertile ground in which the individual and community continue to develop.

I am interested to know of ways in which you may have experienced change related to this course. For this journal entry, please think back to your ways of believing at the start of the term and how things stand now for you. Write a page describing your current beliefs, how you think they stand in terms of clarity and reason. Provide some ideas about how your development may proceed in the future.


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