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Journal 5
Due 2.12

This Journal entry should focus on your reading of the classic text assigned for this week.

These texts are historically important works by philosophers who are central to the tradition. These are not easy works to read or grasp. The accompanying reading, The Growth of Meaning, is provided to help you get more from your classic text.

In your Journal entry #5, discuss the experiences that you have in reading the classic text #5. Explain the challenges, points of interest, difficulties, and discoveries that you find there. Remember the the Journal is an informal writing assignment in which your direct feelings, observations, experiences, and ideas are of most relevance.

In Particular, please focus on the key concepts that you find in the text. Of course, there will be more important words than you have time to cover here, but at least point out one key concept that you can give an explanation of (i.e. what it means in the text) and one key concept that is not clear to you. For each, explain the roles that these concepts have in text (e.g. are they used frequently? what sorts of claims are they used in? Is any definition given of them?)

Your Journal is an area to explore these ideas. Use this exploration in conjucntion with a thoughtful examination of the text and express the results.


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