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The Relevance of Research
Journal 3Due 1.29

In this potion of InterQuest, you are seeking out readings that will help you in your investigation into some of the key ideas related to your own belief system. One of the major objectives of InterQuest is to assist you in seeing how your own beliefs are connected up to the history of ideas. Make sure that you have read and understand the research assignment (see the links below). Then do the work of the research assignment (i.e. using the sources listed to research the concepts listed).

For this journal entry, write a 200-500 word description of your experiences in performing the research activity. Were the readings clear to you? Did you find the references sought? What did you discover about these concepts? How had you thought about these concepts previously? Has the research led to any change in your thinking? These are the sorts of topics from which you may advantageously approach your Journal writing.

Research Assignment
Select your Framework

Knowledge is Negligible

Nothing Is


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