The world is in a real mess because too many people lack the values that come from faith. Without faith in God, there is no way to find direction or purpose in life. Loving God, serving God, and knowing the word of God is what makes life worth living. God tells us to love others as he loves us. If we all followed that truth, the world could be a paradise. But selfish motives and lack of faith get in the way. People think they can do it on their own, without divine guidance. That's impossible. All of creation proceeds according to a great and beautiful plan. There is no way we can understand that plan, and to act without understanding is to act blindly. We need light to find our way. Of course, we are only human. Even the best of us loses sight of the path and falls. But God is always there to help us get back on track. Everybody has the same opportunity to live a life of faith. Unfortunately, many people will not accept that opportunity and are on the road to unhappiness. There are many forces in the world which turn people away from true faith. The best we can do is to resist those forces and try to show people the truth of God's word. They have everything to gain and nothing to lose (except fear and confusion)! To open one's heart to God and live one's life according to his word is to find true joy, security, and peace.

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