The world is full of conflict and unhappiness because so many people are out of touch with universal harmony. We are all part of something much greater than ourselves. To live well is to learn how to function as a part of the whole. The world could be joyful and vibrant if people could just find their place in it. Of course, what gets in the way of finding harmony is the human ego. People act selfishly because they think they can become happy by obtaining immediate goals and satisfying present desires. Even if we attain those goals and objects, we find that we are still not satisfied. So we keep on seeking and striving in an ever increasing spiral of dissatisfaction. Blind materialism and frenzied consumerism are the social results of unlimited ego. The entire planet and human kind are suffering from this addiction to desire. The solution is to put the self aside and to accept life as it is. To let go of one's ego is to appreciate the oneness of the universe. There is an essential mystery to existence. We cannot know everything, but we can have a sense of the universal order. To cultivate that sense is to grow spiritually. Being spiritual does not require any particular religious belief or organized religious practice. Inner spirituality means accepting the limitations of life; letting go of fear and desire. Everything that happens, happens for a reason. We cannot expect to always know what that reason is, but we can be sure that what goes around comes around. When we let go of the struggle and begin to enter the universal harmony, we start to find inner peace and real happiness.

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