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What is a biographical precis?
A detailed definition and explanation to get you started in using this versatile writing format.

How will my biographical precis be evaluated?
Here are some guidelines to the grading of your effort.

How do I write a biographical precis?
Text instructions
How do I write a biographical precis?
Interactive tutorial  (requires Flash plugin)
Can I see an example of a biographical precis?
Of course. Three are available:
- Douglass
- Lao Tzu
- Annotated Example
What is the assignment?
How do I submit my assignments?
How do I read for this format?
a printable reading guide to help you read and write for the biographical precis format.

How do I write well-formed citations and references?
A brief guide to citation form with examples and a link to the Citation Machine.




Biographical precis: Myself assignment

-You will study and understand the Biographical Precis form.
-You will write a biographical based on your personal knowledge.
-You will submit this for feeback and grade using the Biographical Precis Submit Form

Step 1: Study the biographical precis format.

Step 2: Write a biographical precis about yourself.

Step 3: Submit your work using the Biographical Precis Submit Form. To do this you will copy your text from your word processor, paste the text into the submit form, select the appropriate assignment title, add some information, and send. Submitting your work by this form is necessary to receiving credit for the assignment.

Note: You will revise this peice at the end of the term.


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