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Refereed Articles and Resources are those which have been peer reviewed and accepted for publication. Generally, peer reviewing is done by experts in a similar field.

The TEXTBOOK [Kittler, Pamela and Kathryn P. Sucher. 2000. Cultural Foods. Traditions and Trends. Wadsworth. ISBN-0-534-57339-8] for this class is a REFEREED RESOURCE. CLASSNOTES ARE ALSO CONSIDERED A REFEREED ARTICLE FOR THE WEEKLY ASSIGNMENTS [not for the summarizing project].

Each topic lends itself to being unique to your interests and approach. If one searches the web there are many websites that one can google and find. If one reviews them you will find some that have considerable information. Others will essentially be a glossary or recipe with a little introduction. Yes, that information is pertinent but not "very in depth" and, likely, you can find a better resource. It is important to remember, few of these are refereed and ANYONE can develop a page, whether they know the information or not.

Another approach to finding such refereed articles [articles in journals that have been refereed by their peers] is to go the the Valley Library site and search the OSU Libraries Research Databases. Click on AGRICOLA (EBSCOhost) and do a basic search on the demographic and food or food availability. For example, income and food. Of course, you will need to scroll down and see what articles will be most pertinent. If not available from this database, you might write down the citation and then go to the listing of e-journals that you have access to and see if the citation can be gotten through a download. You have really as much access as on-campus students do by using these little approaches. Some of the other data-bases may also have pertinent searches. Those web sites ending in ".gov" can serve as refereed articles IF pertinent.

Do remember to include not only the URL that you get from e-journals BUT include the citation [author, date, title, journal, pages]. The most accurate manner to place the URL in your reference/citation list is to highlight it in the location bar, copy, and paste into your listing.

During the rest of the quarter, you may want to choose the databases at the library and search for journal articles OR you may want to access http://oregonstate.edu/instruct/nutr216/classnotes/refereed.html to see if your instructors have put a pertinent article on the web for you. The instructors have literally placed a number of interesting references available for this class to assist you as we understand that not all students have library resources. This course began before there were the extensive e-journals currently available.

There is another category considered by your instructors to be refereed articles. These are the following WEB resources:
It is critical to realize that if/when you use a web site that you understand you need the complete URL as your instructors like to go out and look at different sites. Each of the above web resources has thousands of pages and they must be specifically cited as to which one is what you used and cited. It is also important to point out that if you use several pages, cite them; HOWEVER list them consectively as one reference.
1. http://faostat.fao.org/site/562/default.aspx FAO STAT. Accessed November 24, 2013.
http://faostat.fao.org/site/345/default.aspx Food Supply. Accessed November 24, 2013.
2. http://2010.census.gov/2010census/ We are Developing a new America. Accessed November 21, 2013.

The CULTURE folder. This may have information beyond the definition of a term. It will count as a refereed article; however, if all there is is a definition, that is not considered "in depth". The Food Resource also has a page called "Food and Culture" at http://oregonstate.edu/instruct/nutr216/culture/. You have available an extensive reference resource at http://oregonstate.edu/instruct/nutr216/ref/ref.html which contain many refereed articles.

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