First Aid

This is an on-line version of the First Aid section in your GUIDE in the form of an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) list. Click on a question to display the answer.

What if I get the message 404 Not Found or File Not Found when I try to load a page?
-There are a few different possibilities. Sometimes simply reloading the page will solve the problem. If that doesn't work, try going to a different page and then going back. Other times, the problem is that the URL is incorrect. If you typed in the URL yourself double check to make sure you have made no mistakes. If you are sure the URL is correct and you have reloaded the page a few times with no success, it may be a broken link. If this is a CQ link then e-mail your professor the location of the link and the URL and your professor will look into it.

What if I get the message 403 Forbidden when I try to load a page?
-First try reloading the page. If that doesn't work, check the URL. Make sure that it is not only accurate, but also that it is the URL of the page you should be at. It could be that you are trying to see a page that you aren't supposed to see. If you are dealing with a CQ page and you are sure the URL is correct, that you should be able to see the page, and that you have tried to reload it without success, e-mail your professor about the situation. Your professor will make sure that the permissions are properly set and get back to you.

What if my computer freezes up and nothing I type or click on has any effect?
-Restart your computer. If the problem persists consult a computer expert.

What if I get the message Load Interrupted at the bottom of a page?
-Reload the page and be patient. The page could be longer than usual. Don't scroll down the page, follow any links, type anything, or do anything until it says Done on the left side of the gray bar at the bottom of your screen below the page.

What do I do if I click on a link and nothing happens?
-Try again. If there is still no result then the colored word may not actually be a link. Some words are colored for emphasis rather than to indicate a link. If you aren't sure whether the word or picture is a link, move the mouse over it and see if a URL appears in the gray bar at the bottom of the screen below the page. If one does, then it is a link. If clicking on it still causes no change then it is very likely the link is a pop-up window which has been hidden. Look behind your current window to find the hidden one.

What does the picture mean?
-This sometimes takes the place of other images. If you encounter several of these make sure that Auto Load Images is checked under the Options menu. Sometimes simply reloading a page will replace these pictures with the proper images. If this does not work then click on the image and select Load This Image from the menu that appears. If this still doesn't work then either the image URL is wrong (you can't really do anything about that) or your computer lacks the memory to load the image. Quitting applications, closing windows or restarting Netscape may help.

I can't read a page because of the text and background colors. What can I do?
-First try adjusting your screen brightness. If the page is still illegible you will either have to play around with your computer's color chart until the page is readable or view the page from a different machine. The text and background colors for CQ pages were chosen to accommodate the most possible number of users, but no color scheme works on every computer. If you find that several pages are illegible on your machine inform your professor of the problem.

What do I do if I get an error message?
-Don't panic. Simply read what it says. If it instructs you to do something then do it. If it doesnŐt then click on the OK button provided and continue with what you were doing.

What if I get an Authorization failed error?
-You probably entered your ID or password incorrectly. Click the Yes button and try again. If you continually get this message you might be using an invalid password. Ask your professor or TA about it.

What if I get a bad-cookie error?
-It depends; if you get this message directly after pressing a Submit button then notify your instructor. If you get the message at any other time, ignore it.

What if I run into a problem that is not mentioned here?
-There are several other places to look for a solution. Try the on-line help page at or The Guide. You could also try Netscape's handbook for general problems and questions about Netscape. If you still can't find an answer ask someone for help. Ask your fellow students, or consult your professor for math questions or a computer consultant for computer questions.


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