This Hub provides access to the QuestWriterTM activities for Stage 1. There is a Practice Quiz and there is a Recorded Quiz - a T/F and multiple choice quiz.

BlackBoad quizzes

This is the first time we have used BB for the online quizzes in CalculusQuest. There will no doubt be some problems and please keep your instructor informed so fixes can be made.


Stage 1 Activities:

Take the Stage 1 Practice Quiz

  • Practice Quizzes don't count toward your course grade.


For questions of any kind email

Take the Stage 1 Recorded Quiz

  • Recorded Quizzes count toward your course grade.

Deadline for Completion

See the Syllabus. [The first RQ is hard but you can have two copies of the browser open at the same time. The quiz in one and the other to look around for help.]

What do Do

You can take the Practice Quiz as many times as you like and it is strongly recommended that you take it before you take the Recorded Quiz. You can take the Recorded Quizzes ONLY ONCE and you must do this before the deadline for that activity. After you have submitted your Recorded Quiz for grading, you may not discuss the Recorded Quiz with your classmates.

What's on the Quiz

The Stage 1 quizzes test your overall understanding of the structure of the CalculusQuestTM web site (see the Stage 1 Lesson) AND your mastery of the material in the Field Guide to Functions (available from the CQ Resources page and from the Stage 1 Practice Hub).

Expected Time

Plan on half an hour to an hour for each quiz. You may take as much time as you like, but be aware that in Blackboard, if you decide to not submit it after you have opened it up, then you are likely to get locked out of it. If this inadvertently happens, contact your instructor and he/she may be able to help. Pencil, paper, and calculator are all ok and may help!



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