Web pages can react to things you do. This is called interactivity. CQ Lesson pages often contain small exercises which require your input and which check and react to your answers - examples appear at the end of the first page of this section and below.

Equipment Checks

A common form of interactive exercise is the equipment check . Equipment checks give you a way of making sure that you are on the right path and that you are understanding the material. Here is a sample. If you have diligently followed all the links on the previous pages, you should be able to find the answer!

Equipment Check: Type the answer to the following question into the box (click in the box first to activate the cursor). When you are done, click on the "Check Answer" button to see if you got it right. If you need a hint, type in the word hint (with no spaces before it) for your answer.

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Play around with this Equipment Check to see how it responds. This is what is supposed to happen:

On some platforms, the Javascript alert window has a warning sign, while on others it says "Error". We use them to get messages to you, so DO NOT READ THESE WINDOWS AS ERROR MESSAGES!

Other Interactive Exercises

You will encounter many variations of the above. Some write information (such as a response or answer) directly into a space on the page (usually labeled "Feedback Here"). Others simply ask you to think about something and then press a or button for an answer or explanation. Some are multiple choice quizzes. The two things to remember are:

  1. No activity in the Lesson or Practice area is graded.

  2. Interactive exercises are an important part of the expedition. Do them all!



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