Stage 1: Lesson Hub

You are standing in the parking lot looking at a battered sign which says "Trail Head". In the back of a beat-up old pick-up is a colorful pile of nylon bags, each tied closed with a careful knot and a plastic fastener. The excited chatter around you dies suddenly as your guide begins to speak. You are determined to pay careful attention but you can't stop wondering: what is in all those bags . . .

Our purpose in this Lesson is to learn to navigate and interact with the CalculusQuestTM web pages, to learn what is expected of us and what counts towards our grade, and to familiarize ourselves with the Field Guide to Functions.

What's Here

1. Navigating in CalculusQuestTM.

2. Important Pages.

3. Study Approaches and Objectives

4. Graphing Functions.

5. The Field Guide to Functions


The CQ Resources Page

What To Do

The Lesson is broken into several sections, as indicated in the panel to the left. We will explore the Field Guide to Functions in the Practice Area.

Expected Study Time

You should expect to spend approximately three hours working through this Lesson in order to prepare for the Practice area and "onward and upward" activities of this Stage.


Successfully use the CQ web pages. Understand CQ terminology and expectations. Demonstrate familiarity with the Field Guide to Functions and its content.

  1. Leave and return to a web page, use pop-up windows, find and use navigational buttons, complete interactive exercises.
  2. Pass a quiz about course expectations and structure.
  3. Find and apply specific information in the Field Guide to Functions.



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