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MTH 251 Differential Calculus


Course grades will be based on a running on-line midterm exam given as a series of quizzes, a proctored final exam given during finals week, and on-line graded homework using Calculus on the Web (COW).

The grading scale for the course will be no stricter than 90-100% A- or better, 80-90% B- or better, 70-80% C- or better. I don't give very many grades of D or D-.

The weighting of the graded components are as follows:

Activity Percentage of Course Grad
Midterm (given as on-line quizzes) 35 %
Final (proctored) 40 %
Homework (given on-line using COW) 25 %

All COW graded homework must be completed by the last day of Dead Week.

Each quiz deadline (see the course calendar) will be strictly enforced. If you cannot keep up with these deadlines, you should probably drop or withdraw from this course.

More Information

  • Calculators: You are allowed to use graphing calculators on all exams. However, on the proctored final exam you must show work that justifies your answer. This means that you must present the mathematical reasoning needed to justify your answers. You may use a calculator to check your work and otherwise assist you. However, the work you present to justify any answer you give must stand alone, just as if you didn't have a calculator during the exam. I want to know what you know, not what your calculator knows.
  • Homework: While completing graded homework on COW, you may use any resources available to you.
  • Running Midterm (The Quizzes): While taking the quizzes on Blackboard, you may not consult another person but you may use your text, personal notes, etc. The last date that each quiz will be available for taking is posted on the course calendar. The quizzes use mostly a multiple choice format and there is a time limit for each quiz. Coverage, the time limits, and other information about the quizzes may be found using the quiz link in each web lesson.
  • Final: The final exam will be proctored. Click on directions to read the directions that will be on the cover of your final exam.
  • Proctors for the Final Exam:
    • Students near Corvallis, Oregon: If you are in the Corvallis area you may take final on-campus in the Math Learning Center (MLC) during finals week. Testing hours are normally from 10 AM and ending at 4PM on Monday through Thursday of Finals week. Check with your instructor during dead week about final arrangements.
    • Students outside the Corvallis area: If you are outside the Corvallis area, you will take the final during finals week. You will need to help arrange for a suitable proctor (a teacher, a librarian, etc.) for the exam. Click proctor for help and instructions on finding a proctor.
  • Goal: The goal of MTH 251 is to learn the fundamentals of differential calculus and obtain a deeper understanding of the meaning and use of this branch of mathematics.