What to Do.

If this is your first reading of the Field Guide, we recommend browsing the Field Guide by going to the pages listed under "Functions" in the Hub. At the end of each page, return to the Hub and go to the next one on the list.

What's Here.

Each such page explains the significance, basic notation and properties of a particular type of function. Examples of calculations are on following pages. Exercises which allow you to test your understanding can be accessed directly from here and from the function pages.

Why Bother?

In pre-calculus we learned the definitions of many functions. In doing so, we were mostly concerned with computing and comparing values of these functions. In calculus, we will be interested in properties of functions themselves.

Before effectively studying and applying the properties of functions (or a class of functions) we need a good grasp of the notation and permissible symbolic manipulations, as well as a feel for the graphical representations of the functions of interest. The Field Guide attempts to gather this information in one, conveniently accessible place.

Why Complain?

This Field Guide, and all other CalculusQuestTM pages are evolving documents. We always appreciate comments that help us make improvements. So please feel free to send your comments to us.

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