Astronomy and Astrophysics

 Great Debates in Astronomy [including the 1920 Shapley-Curtis debate over the size of the universe]  History of Astronomy Links [ with some special attention to the Netherlands]
History of Astronomy: Museums, memorials, historical places and exhibits Yerkes Observatory Virtual Museum
 Portrait of Edwin P. Hubble at Palomar Mountain Observatory, 1949 History of the Lick Observatory
The History of Mt. Wilson Observatory Lowell Observatory History
 Women in Astronomy [from the University of Toronto] U.S. Naval Observatory Historical Photographs and the USNO
Adriaan van Maanen on rotations in spiral nebulae, 1916 Library Catalog of U.S. Naval Observatory
Institute of Science and Technology in Latin America: Fortieth Anniversary of the Arecibo [radio] Observatory in Pureto Rico  The Transits of Venus [through the late 19th century]
Biographies of astronomers [a meta-list site

Astronomical publications: 19th and 20th centuries [a meta-list site]
Smithsonian Institution exhibit
Cosmic Journey: A History of Scientific Cosmology  

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