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WER, WANN, WO + WAS und Vokabeln!

This is how we will approach most texts in this class:
  1. For most reading assignments, you will be asked to list the WER, WANN, WO and WAS of the pages. This assignment will help you decipher the text.

  2. I also want you to find three words in the reading that you think students should add to their vocabulary. Please write out the sentence (or part of the sentence, if it is long) in which you found the word so we can discuss it in a context in class. I will choose some of these words for you to learn for the exams.

  3. I will not correct your German on these assignments, unless you wish me to. If you would like me to correct your German, please write this on your paper and I will do so.

  4. There are no grades for these assignments. I will generally write a check on your paper indicating that you have completed the assignment. If I think you've done a particularly good job, you might just get a plus. Or, if you really blew it, a minus.