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  1. In this course you will read literature written by Germans for German speakers. If you try to look up absolutely every word you don't immediately understand, you may concentrate so much on individual words that you do not grasp the general meaning of the text. Besides, you would make the readings harder than they need to be, you would spend too much time on them--and you would get very frustrated.

  2. Think about the techniques you use--often unconsciously-- when you read in English, things you may forget when reading in a foreign language:

  3. On the next page is a five-step approach for reading in German integrating these techniques. Homework and class discussion will be based on this approach using Übungsblätter for the works of literature we will read in this course. When you read a text, you will fill in these sheets when assigned, following the steps listed below. Even when a worksheet is not assigned, try to follow these steps. You will have a much better experience and learn more if you do!

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