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Converting to HTML in LAMC

When you write your Bericht, save it as Word 7 or WordPerfect 7 or 8. Then you can use the following instructions in the lab.

1. Open Word

2. Open your report file into Word

3. Save your report file as HTML

4. Open Netscape Communicator

5. Open Netscape Composer

6. Open your report file into Composer

7. Begin editing your report file in Composer

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832)

von Lisa Martin

The title of your paper and your name should be centered, and put in H2 (larger font).

8. At the end of your text, put in a line between the last line of the text and the Literaturverzeichnis.

9. Center and H2 the word Literaturverzeichnis. Then make sure your sources are in a numbered list. That is, if you see the # sign in front of your sources, they are numbered. You can check by clicking on Preview, where you can see the file as it will appear on the web in Netscape.

10. Under View, click on reveal paragraph marks. Then, if there are too many paragraphs (often happens when converted to HTML by Word), remove as many as necessary.

11. If you had quotes set off from the text, this formatting has probably been lost. Fix this now. Click Format, paragraph, blockquote (you have to select your text before clicking on blockquote).

12. Change anything else that needs revising, or that you want to change, like font, color or whatever!

13. Save your magnum opus to disk. You can view it in Preview to see what it would look like on the Web. Give the disk to me.


Did you know that can change the keyboard to make it type German characters? This is how:
On the toolbar at the bottom right of the page is a box labeled "En", which changes the keyboard for different languages.

Click on EN, then on German, and viola, your keyboard has changed. I will give you a map of the keyboard in class, but here are some examples of the changes in keys (there are other changes, but these are the most important):