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DATE: Tuesday, February 1, 2000

The exam will cover everything we have discussed/studied/read since the beginning of the term. You will get some questions in advance, some you will not get in advance. It will consist of several parts.

I. Short answer questions/items (20 pts.) There are no questions in advance for this section. This section will cover the material on the Web pages we have discussed (see below), as well as biographical information on the writers we have discussed. You must to be able to answer SPECIFIC questions on the following material. You must respond in German or English with a few words or sentences.
Examples (not necessarily on what we have covered so far!):

The web pages that will be fair game for the test are:

Was ist Literatur? Literaturbewegungen, Lyrik, Historischer Hintergrund 3, Biedermeier, Junges Deutschland/Vormärz, und alle Biographieseiten der AutorInnen, die wir gemacht haben.

II. Poems and poetic terms (50 pts.) You may prepare your responses in advance (but bring no notes into class). It covers poems we have read so far this term (I won't tell you which ones will be on the test, though!). I will print two of the poems on the exam paper and you must do the following for those poems:
  1. Indicate the
  2. Note (that is, point them out, make them clear to me) at least four elements of poetic form it contains AND define those elements. That is, if you say a line contains alliteration, you have to define what alliteration is.
  3. Then you will write an essay comparing these two poems on the following questions:

III. A short essay on Büchner. (30 pts.)