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Zweites Examen

The second exam will be at 6:00 PM on Monday, December 6 in our classroom.

It will basically cover the material we have discussed/studied/read since the first test, with exceptions noted below and is worth the same percentage of your overall course grade as the first test. Like the first test, this test will consist of several parts. Unlike the first test, I will give you some parts in advance. You may prepare these parts at home, but you may not bring notes into the classroom.

I. Short answer questions/items (20 pts.) Same format as first test. There are no questions in advance for this section. This section will cover the material on the Web pages we have discussed:

  1. Was ist Literatur? (A repeat of the first test, so if you missed something from that page on the first test, be sure you review it!)
  2. Klassik, including important biographical information on Goethe and Schiller.
  3. Historischer Hintergrund 2/1 und 2/2: important dates and concepts.
  4. Tieck and the Brothers Grimm: important biographical information.

II. Poems and poetic terms (30 pts.) Again, similar to the first test, except this time you can prepare your responses in advance (but bring no notes into class). It covers poems we have read since the first test (Wandrers Nachtlied, Grenzen der Menschheit) and poetic forms:

I will print one of the two poems on the exam paper and you must do the following for that poem:

  1. Indicate the
  2. Summarize its content in English.
  3. Note (that is, point them out, make them clear to me) four elements of poetic form it contains AND define those elements. That is, if you say a line contains alliteration, you have to define what alliteration is. Then you must say why the poet used these elements, i.e. how do they contribute to the poem.
  4. Write a short interpretation of the poem (in English): what is its message? how does it fit or not fit into a literary movement? why do you think the poet wrote it?

III. Der blonde Eckbert and die Romantik (50 pts.) You may prepare this section in advance; remember, no notes allowed in the classroom! You must do the following:

Write a well thought-out and organized essay on the following: