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FIRST EXAM, GER 341, Fall Term 2004

The first test will be on Tuesday, October 25.

It will cover everything we have discussed/studied/read since the beginning of the term.

You will have to know the material on the Web pages we have discussed. This means you will have to be able to answer SPECIFIC questions on the following material:

  1. Was ist Literatur?
  2. Poetic Terminology (to analyze a poem, see below)
  3. Pages and class discussion relating to the Aufklärung und Sturm und Drang:
    • Historischer Hintergrund 1/1, 1/2.
    • Literatur der Aufklärung; Sturm und Drang.
    • Lessing (including biographical data, i.e. when and where born, when and where died, etc. etc.); why he was important to the Aufklärung; and the two fables we read by him.
    • Goethe (including biographical data, i.e. when and where born, when and where died, etc.) and the poems we read by him.
    • Schiller (including biographical data, i.e. when and where born, when and where died, etc.) and Kabale und Liebe.

The test will consist of several parts:

  1. Short answer (approx. 30-40 pts). You must respond in German if you can, English if you must, with one sentence or a few words. These questions will come directly from the web pages listed above (i.e. Historischer Hintergrund der Aufklärung; Was ist Literatur? etc.); in this section, you also might be required to write a short paragraph on one of the fables or poems we have read this term.
    Examples of specific type questions:
    1. Nennen Sie 5 Charakteristiken des Romans (don't panic, this is just an example; we haven't done this yet!).
    2. Welcher deutsche Philosoph war für XXXXXXX sehr wichtig?
    3. Beschreiben Sie "Deutschland" politisch im 18. Jahrhundert!
    For this section you must memorize things: the definitions of literature, dates (of authors' lives for example), historical information, characteristics of a literary movement, etc. NOTE: Usually this is the section people do worst on for the first test because they don't actually memorize information. Print out the pages listed above and LEARN the info. It isn't THAT much!

  2. Poetry (approx. 30 pts.): You will get one of the poems we have read this term printed on your page. After identifying author and the poem by name, you must point out a certain number of poetic elements, such as rhyme, meter, alliteration, etc. in that poem. You must also say why the author used these poetic conventions--how do they add to the poem?

  3. Essay (approx. 30-40 points):In this section you will write either about Kabale und Liebe or Erlkönig. To prepare for this part, consider the following:
    • what "message" if any did he want to convey;
    • how do they relate to the main philosophical debate and/or literary movement in the time in which they were written;
    • any additional historical or biographical context which you can see reflected in them and their significance.
    In this section, you have the opportunity to pull together everything you have learned about a literary movement, the historical background, the author's life and the text. AND you will get a good grade on this essay ONLY if you give SPECIFIC examples from the text you are referring to!

If you have any questions, zap me a message!