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Below is a list of sites that relate to Germany. Read them at your leisure. They will get you started, plus give you many links to other sources of information. Be sure to document your web sites according to the directions.
  • GERMANY! This is the official website of the German Embassy in Washington, DC and the German Information Service in New York. It contains a WEALTH of information about everything German. Through the German Information Service you can access The Week in Germany, a weekly news bulletin about politics, economic, business, culture and everyday life in Germany which can be VERY useful especially for writing about current events. It also has back issues for your research! It is in English, but will link you to sites in German.
  • The official site of the German government. You can also find a lot more info on this site! The German version is better than the English one; try the Themen A-Z link.
  • InterNationes. The official site of InterNationes, a German government service similar to the US Information Service. This one is designed for people outside Germany learning about the country.
  • Deutsche Welle. This is the German broadcasting network for outside Germany, something like the Voice of America. At this site you can hear German newscasts, plus get printed information about the country.
  • The German Way. Again, lots of links, some German, some English.
  • German Trails
  • A site with many primary documents about German history: Brigham-Young University.
  • A fascinating site called the German Unification Case Study provides lots of information on various aspects of Germany today through an simuated discussion among East and West Germans. If you click through the whole program you will find data on topics such as historical background, women in Germany, etc. You have to keep looking for these!
  • Deutschland Magazine. A general interest, monthly publication in German and English.

NB: You can also find many more on a page on the web site for my German Literature course. Click here: Sites.