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CSS 330 World Food Crops
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Making Webpages

Make a website for this class and submit the URL to your instructor

  1. Create .htm documents in Notepad, Wordpad, Word, Dreamweaver, GoLive, Homesite, or other web development application.
  2. Save the first page as index.htm. This will allow the page to load automatically when someone views your site.
  3. Want to learn more about HTML?

    Try these OSU online resources:

    Extension Web Help
    If you want to get right to tagging your text, images, and links, read the HTML Core page.
    Faculty support with great information for students, too.
    Optimize images before placing them in your web site.
    • Optimize images in Photoshop:
      1. Open the original file.
      2. Select the area of the image you want to keep.
        • Image -->Crop.
      3. Image -->Image Size…
        • Change Resolution to 72.
        • Change Width and Height to fit the area of your web page (in pixels). Click OK.
      1. Enhance contrast and color as needed.
      2. Save the new version as .jpg or .gif using Photoshop's File->Save for Web option into the images directory (make one if you haven't already). Optimize file size to no more than 10k.
  4. Place your image(s) in your .htm document. Save.
  5. Create and save other pages of your site.
  6. Add links to each page that allow viewers to access each important page.
  7. Upload your web files to the ONID server
    1. Point your browser to http://onid.orst.edu/ and login with your login name and password.
    2. Scroll to the MyONID Info box and click the Home Dir link: ftp://ftp.onid.orst.edu
    3. Copy and Paste (or drag and drop) files and folders into the public_html folder that is located in the browser window.
    4. Close the .ftp window to log out.
  8. View your site at http://www.onid.orst.edu/~loginname.
  9. Submit your URL to the instructor: http://www.onid.orst.edu/~loginname.


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