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CSS 330 World Food Crops
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Graded Assignments - 2008

Group Project

Due May 19th

There will be one project assigned in this course:

You will work to create a creative explanation about a food product in your supermarket that is derived from plants. Your mission will be to explain how the food product got to the supermarket. I am thinking of unusual foods like Twinkies, pork rinds, Magic Shell to name a few. You may work individually or in small groups. Each student will contribute to the product's production, processing or marketing. The technical information that you present should be factual and realistic. However, you are welcome (but not required) to make up fictitious characters and events to make a good story, if you are so inclined. This should be fun (and educational, of course).

After you have formed a group and identified the topic product, let the instructor know and you can communicate and exchange drafts with your group members via theCommunications button then Group Pages function in Blackboard. Your instructor will also have access to your Group discussion, should a question or problem arise. You will need to agree on a product, and someone in your group will need to volunteer to arrange all of the collected work into a creative end product. This could be done using a table in Microsoft Word, or in a web page if you have someone with the necessary skills in your group. If you wish to use some other software, contact your instructor so that your newsletter can be posted as a pdf file. The person who takes on this extra responsibility should be identified as the "Editor" of the newsletter. Each article submitted by members of the group should have a 'by line', so that you can receive credit for your input. You should try as a group to coordinate your work so that you cover the most important aspects of the product's history, but ultimately each of you will be responsible for your own contribution, and some diversity in styles is expected. The complete end product does not have to be more than 1-2 pages in length if you choose to write a paper.

When your project is finished and has been reviewed by all members of your group, your Editor should go to the general discussion board and submit your project as an attachment, so it can be read by all of the students in the class.


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