Communication Event Analysis Papers

A communication event analysis paper focuses on meaningful communication activity, describes it, and analyzes it using a relevant theory set of theories.  The "event" is a communication episode that involve significant communication activity, such as a planning meeting, an extended interaction between people, a client conference, conflict interchange, a  compliance-gaining situation, a public speech, an infomercial, symbolic event, etc.  The event can be real or one presented via mediated communication, such as film or television.

The CEA should include the following:

1.  A summary description of the event, i.e., what, when, how the event happened, who was involved, and other pertinent descriptive information (e.g., where it appeared or occurred).

2.  Presentation of a theory or set of theories that will be used to analyze the communication event, and a rationale (explanation) for using the theory or theories.

3.  Application of the theory to the event, in other words, analysis of the event using the theory or theories.  A good theoretical analysis of a communication event should provide insights into that event that description alone cannot.

4.  Evaluation of the theory's or theories' usefulness in understanding the communication event.

The discussion should introduce communication concepts from a theory appropriate for analyzing the event and then apply those concepts.  For example, a communication incident might be meaningfully understood via small group theories and concepts (groupthink, coalitions), interpersonal theories and concepts (compliance-gaining, self-disclosure), organizational theories and concepts (culture, climate), and so on.  This analysis should be specific (rather than generic), therby demonstrating the your ability to interpret communication activity in terms of pertinent communication theories and concepts.

NOTE:  The first CEA involves one communication event and one theory.  The second CEA should feature one communication event and two theories.  The third CEA should include two communication events and two theories applied to each event or one communication event and three theories.   When applying more than one theory, compare the appropriateness and utility of the theories.

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