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BOT 440/540 Field Methods in Vegetation Science

Getting Started


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Getting starting in Field Methods in Vegetation Science also means coordinating gear, schedules, concepts, resources. Before you get too far in the online textbook — and definitely before you submit your first assignment — save yourself some wasted effort by attending to each item in this checklist.

  • Explore the hints in Course Information
    • About the Course
      • Structure & workload
      • Schedule
    • Getting Started
      • Downloading course files
      • Finding full-text articles
      • Using spreadsheets (include the spreadsheet example)
      • Hints for succeeding
    • Assignments
      • Submitting & formatting reports
      • ‘Showing your work'
    • Resources
      • Discussion board
      • Journals & Library
      • Primers in statistics
      • Writing guides
      • Technical assistance
  • Examine the Flow of Assignments
  • Make sure you have the right software in working order
    • Browser
    • Word processing program
    • Spreadsheet program
    • Reader for PDF files

You will need the field equipment in about a month. So within the next few weeks

  • Order the field equipment

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