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BOT 440/540 Field Methods in Vegetation Science

Getting Started

Field equipment

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Field work in vegetation science requires field equipment. For the projects in BOT 440/540 you will need the following items: one diameter tape, one roll of flagging tape, one compass, two 30-m measuring tapes, stake flags, two surveyor's pins, one cruiser's crutch,one 7.98-m radius cord and a quadrat frame. You purchase the items in blue from the Ben Meadows company. You purchase the items in orange from me. You make the items in purple.

To purchase the set of field equipment from Ben Meadows, call a sales rep at 1-800-241-6401 (US) or 1-608-743-8001 (worldwide). Ask for "quote number QC00421424." You will need to supply your name, address for billing and shipping, your telephone number, and email address (optional). The package will be shipped to your mailing address. The cost will be about $128 plus shipping and handling (which will average about $15). You can pay by credit card or check, but paying by check will delay shipment.

Photo of field equipment


To purchase the surveyor's pins and cruiser's crutch from me, send me a check for $33.14, made out to Mark V. Wilson. I will then mail the items to you. (I'm handling the surveyor's pins and cruiser's crutch myself because I can buy in bulk at a lower price, saving you money.)

By the way, the cost of the field equipment is offset by the low cost ($0) of the textbook for BOT 440/540.

Not included in the kit is the 7.98-m radius cord. Make this yourself from any relatively nonstretch cord or rope. Laundry line or other cord with a wire center works great, although it can be a bit expensive. Before measuring the cord to length, make a loop in one end so you can attach it to a center pin.

Diagram of radius cord

You will also need a 0.5-m times1.0-m quadrat frame, which you build yourself. The online textbook gives construction details, including hints on whether you need a different size. (The ability to create quadrat frames to your own specification is a great skill to have as a vegetation scientist!)

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