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Comments returned with your reports

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I will add comments to your report as I read it. The purpose of the comments is to explain the basis for the grading and, when things go awry, to suggest how to get back on track.

Example of color-coded comments

A sample report

This sample report was submitted for the Preparing a Study Plan project. It shows both what a good report looks like and the kinds of comments you will get back. In this case my comments aimed to refine the project and increase the likelihood that the field work and analysis would be successful.

Keep in mind that this is just one example of a successful report. For the final field project in this course, in particular, the design is up to you. Many interesting questions are possible and each can be answered well by several approaches. Also note that only a few students have access to the GPS (global positioning system) and GIS (geographical information system) technology proposed by this student. A Study Plan that proposed a sampling scheme using 50-m tapes could be equally successful.

The sample report (PDF format)


Timing: When to worry

It usually takes several days to get my comments once you submit a report. If within three days you haven't gotten an acknowledgment that I received your assignment or if within five days of submitting your report you haven't received it back, please contact me to see what is amiss.  Perhaps I never received the report or have mislaid it.

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