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The best (but not actually required) way to move through the course is to go through the chapters in order, doing the assignments for each chapter as you go. The early chapters and assignments develop concepts and skills needed in later chapters and assignments. The section on Assignments contains more detailed information.

The course is entirely self-paced. But an important part of the course is submitting assignments, reviewing the comments back from me, and then applying your understanding to the next assignments. A steady pace through the term is very important for letting this process work — so keep on or ahead of the recommended schedule. The final day to submit reports is September 4.

Procrastination is the enemy of the self-paced course. In case you aren't already convinced, consider the relationship in a recent year between the date students submitted their Measuring Cover in Communities exercise and the final grades they ended up with at the end of the summer.

Don't procrastinate

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