Glycogen Metabolism Outline

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Glycogen structure HERE and HERE

Glycogen Breakdown

Glycogen granules in liver cytoplasm HERE / fates HERE / phosphorylysis reaction HERE

Debranching enzyme activities HERE

Phosphoglucomutase reaction HERE

Glycogen phosphorylase structure HERE

Four states of glycogen phosphorylase HERE

Phosphorylase b (muscle) T/R allosteric changes HERE

Phosphorylase a (liver) T/R allosteric changes HERE

Phosphorylase kinase activation HERE

Hormonal control HERE and HERE

Epinephrine HERE / Glucagon HERE

Glycogen Synthesis

UDP-glucose HERE / formation HERE

Addition of a glucose to glycogen HERE

Branching enzyme HERE

Glycogen metabolism regulation HERE

PP1 reciprocal effects HERE / Control of PP1 HERE

Insulin action HERE

Glucose and regulation of glycogen metabolism HERE and HERE

Glycogen in the lysosome of patient with Pompe's disease HERE

Glycogen storage diseases HERE

Arm muscle exercise data HERE