Schedule for BB 350 Ecampus

(Note - this is the page for the ECAMPUS version of BB 350. The CLASSROOM version is different and should not be used by CLASSROOM students, nor should the ECAMPUS version be used by CLASSROOM students)

The syllabus is required reading in this course. Download it HERE. If you would like a free biochemistry book called Biochemistry Free and Easy (BFE below), you may download it HERE.

Technical Notes - You should use the YouTube videos for viewing and the iTunes U videos for downloading. The streaming audio files (.mp3) should load onto an iPod if first put into iTunes.

You connect with iTunes U for OSU HERE. If you click on "Open OSU on iTunes U" on the Web page, iTunes will open and you can subscribe to the BB 350 videos.

There are many songs sung on the lecture videos. You can see all of them and download recordings of most of them HERE.

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