Research sources for Oregon watershed councils
  This collection of reference materials is designed for watershed council coordinators and members who are working on their watershed assessments or other projects. The list focuses on historical information, but also includes technical, biological, and other information. It is intended to be a basic collection of materials, along with links to other sources. It is not intended to be comprehensive.

All links checked and updated February 25, 2003.
  • Technical sources. Includes watershed training programs; references on fish and wildlife; forests and forestry; roads (history, location and effects); water quality and temperature; water rights, dams and hydropower; streams and watershed restoration in general; precipitation and storm events; and wetlands.
  • Social and historical sources. Includes references on environmental history, politics and administration; general and social history; land use history and planning documents; Native American culture and relations; water rights and water quality; county planning documents, census data, links to territorial records, information on deeds, land grants, titles, mining claims, surveyors notes, and more. 
  • Maps and GIS links
  • Photographs and moving images.
  • Museums (Currently focusing on the Willamette Valley)
  • Newspapers, magazines and other serials
  • Other resources and links. Includes outreach tools for watershed councils, event listings, organizations, and ongoing research projects.
  Created by Jennifer Gilden.  Last updated February 25, 2003.