Videos of Pacific Northwest Watershed Collaborations

  • The Adobe Creek Story: A Community Approach to Habitat Restoration

    11 minutes (1999)

    Summarizes a Casa Grande High School project to return steelhead to Adobe Creek, a tributary to Petaluma Creek. Gives brief reference to other national restoration projects.

    Available form NOAA Restoration Center, 1315 East West Highway, Silver Spring, Maryland.

  • Applegate Partnership: Working Beyond Conflict Toward Solutions

    24 minutes

    Shows the operation of the Applegate Partnership and the building of trust among diverse interests.

    Available from the Applegate Partnership, Applegate, Oregon, 541.846.6917.

  • Circle in the Forest

    16 minutes

    Shows the process for arriving at a land use consensus for the Pine Ranger District, near Halfway, Oregon.

    For information go to the Blue Mountain Natural Resources Institute in LaGrande, Oregon, 541.962.6590 or Pacific Northwest Research Station, Portland, OR.

  • Citizen Stewardship in Tillamook County: A Living Legacy

    30 minutes (1997)

    Describes issues being addressed by the Tillamook Bay National Estuary Project.

    For information contact Jane Scott, Tillamook, Oregon.

  • The Miracle at Bridge Creek

    30 minutes

    This presentation tells the story of a demonstration project on Bridge Creek, near the town of Mitchell, Oregon. OWIC, the Oregon Watershed Improvement Coalition, sponsored discussions between a variety of interest groups that have traditionally found themselves on opposite sides of the environmental fence. The quiet ranching community became the center of an effort to find common ground and creative, win-win solutions.

    Through interviews with the participants and a "slice-of-life" documentary style, this video presentation show-cases how the right approach to problem-solving can help change attitudes and lead to understanding.

    Available from Blue Mountain Natural Resources Institute.

  • A Place to Come Home To

    14 minutes (1994)

    Gives examples of watershed communities working with federal and state agencies to restore fish habitat in Washington, Idaho, Oregon and California.

  • The Power of Partnership

    12 minutes (2010)

    Description of the Upper Columbia River Salmon Recovery Board collaborative approach to salmon recovery in North Central Washington.

    Available from VIMEO

  • Protecting Coastal Waters: A Community Approach

    17 minutes (1991)

    Coquille Community Advisory Committee works on resolving pollution problems.

    Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, 401 E. 10th Avenue, Eugene Oregon.

  • The Return of the Salmon: Restoring The Fish to Rivers and Watersheds

    Profiles several watershed restoration projects in California, Oregon, and Washington.

    Available from the Oregon Sea College Program or

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