Total Commercial Non-Indian Salmon Revenues for California, Oregon, and Washington Troll and Gillnet, 1981-1996


Revenues from coastal Pacific Northwest commercial, non-Indian salmon troll and gillnet fisheries in thousands of constant (1996) dollars. The highest revenue year in current dollars was 1988. Since 1988, salmon troll and gillnet revenues have declined over 90%. First, the Washington commercial troll fishery dropped to less than 1% of the total; then the Columbia River gillnet fishery dropped to less than 1% of the total. Strong chinook catches sustain the California and Oregon coastal troll fisheries. The ocean coho mortality is approximately 13% due to hooking mortality in the chinook fishery. Data from The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Status Report, Table 15 and Pacific Fishery Management Council, Review of Ocean Salmon Fisheries, pp. IV 5-7.

Revenue Distribution in Pacific Northwest Commercial Salmon Fisheries, 1981-1996


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