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1986 - ABC's Tom Jarriel meets the Tasaday

After April 1973, Manuel Elizalde'd helicopter did not return to the caves. Elizalde was concerned about the impact on the Tasaday and he was engaged in other projects. When the Marcos regime fell in 1986, Oswalt Iten visited the Tasaday in Mindanao. He saw a very different people than were portrayed in the early 1970s. The story was told by ABC 20/20 in a program August 16, 1986.

Tasaday at helicopter landing site, 1972. Photograph copyright by John Nance, used with permission.

In viewing the ABC 20/20 program, pay particular attention to the greeting between Tom Jarriel and the Tasaday. Jarriel asks a number of questions. Look at how Jarriel frames his questions.

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