Bali Notes

Films about Bali


Nature of Balinese culture from Lansing

Major themes

Cycles in Balinese culture

Art in Balinese culture

Religion and ecology in Balinese agriculture

Change in Bali from ancient times to colonialism to tourism

Balinese time periods

2660 BPevidence of rice growing
1000 BPirrigation and the Balinese state
1840sDutch begin colonization
1906Dutch massacre Balinese
1949Indonesian independence
1970sGreen Revolution & tourism
1979Eka Dasa Rudra (also 1963)

Study Questions from Lansing

Role of Balinese Art

Art includes music, theater, poetry, literature, crafts, sculpture, dance, writing, puppetry, weaving, food presentation, painting, performance. It serves

Balinese Caste System

The cast system in Bali came from India and has the four Varna. The Balinese never adopted the untouchable category.

Eka Dasa Rudra

How has Bali changed?

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