These files are in the Excel format for Office 2000 (*.XLS). Just click on a file to save it. If your web browser loads Excel and opens the file, just save it to your disk (File, Save As).

File Description
Decision Chart Score and weight decision alternatives (goals)
Decision Analysis Time value conversions, Annual Cost of Investments
Loan Amortization Amortize and Evaluate Annual & Monthly Loans, w/ tax deductions
Property Buying Projected Costs of Purchasing Property with a Mortgage
Replacement Replacement Decisions
Financial Stmt Financial Statement Templates (Cash Flow, Profit-Loss, Net Worth)
CowVal Calculate price to pay for cows (U of WI)
Marginality Determine the outcome of a management change (variable costs)
Asset Tax Depre Calculates the tax savings from purchase of capital assets
Financial Summary Budgeting for a New Dairy
Herd Size Calculating animal numbers for expansion
Lease-Buy Compares Leasing versus Buying
PBudget Partial Budget to evaluate management changes
ORAWM Nutrient Budgeting
Silo Determine silo dimensions and annual cost


Plan a McDonald's meal or feed a cow
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