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Inspiration Dissemination was created by the hosts and is produced entirely by OSU student volunteers without financial support.


Photo Name Title Contact Website
Casey Joyce Lead Audio Editor joyceca@onid.orst.edu SoundCloud.com/CaseyJoyce

Bio: Casey is an undergraduate in the College of Liberal Arts, majoring in Digital Communication Arts, and an active musician in the Corvallis music scene!

Riley Prest

Riley  Prest

Assistant Audio Editor
prestr@onid.orst.edu Coming Soon

Bio: Riley is an undergraduate student in the College of Liberal Arts studying Digital Communication. A motocross, music and video game enthusiast and lover of the outdoors.

 Jodie Davaz Post Production Editor jedavaz@gmail.com Coming Soon

Bio: Jodie is an undergraduate studying Writing and Digital Communication Arts with specializations in Media Management and Media and Society. Jodie is passionate about radio, podcasting, and web content creation.

     Ellie Wolfram Junior Web Design and Audio Editor helenwolfram@gmail.com Coming Soon

Bio: Ellie is an undergraduate majoring in zoology with a pre-medical focus. When she is not painting, baking, hiking, or studying, she can generally be found curled up with her cats immersed in the land of Tamriel.

  Kimberly Kenny Science Writer kennyk@onid.orst.edu  http://switchinglenses.wordpress.com/
Bio: Kim is an undergraduate majoring in biology and minoring in writing. She has travelled to over 20 countries and 6 continents (Africa is last on the list). Kim enjoys scuba diving, CrossFit, and Settlers of Catan.
  Kelsey R Kennedy Science Writer kennkels@onid.oregonstate.edu  

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