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Inspiration Dissemination was created by the hosts and is produced entirely by OSU student volunteers without financial support.


Introduction: Inspiration Dissemination is a program on Oregon State University’s college radio station, KBVR 88.7fm. This program has existed since 1/29/2012 and is expected to continue until Spring 2016, if not longer. The Co-Hosts of the program are Zhian Kamvar and Joey Hulbert. Live episodes are recorded every Sunday night at 7pm Pacific Standard Time. Each episode features a different student from OSU who is conducting research. Discussions in each episode typically include information about the guest’s program, their inspiration for the field they chose, information about their research project, their academic path and research experiences, and any advice the guest has for graduate and undergraduate students.

The objectives of Inspiration Dissemination are to:

  1. provide a platform for OSU undergraduate and graduate students, whom are conducting research, to engage in outreach and practice disseminating the broader impacts of their research projects to a lay audience;
  2. provide inspiration, insight and advice to current undergraduate and graduate students;
  3. highlight exceptional research being conducted at OSU and inform the scientific community of current and ongoing research projects and opportunities;
  4. serve as a recruitment tool for international and domestic students interested in graduate school at OSU.

Justification: Providing outreach and disseminating information to broad audiences is required criteria for many grant-funding agencies. Opportunities to present to the public and unrelated agencies or industries for students are rare and unusual. This program provides an outlet and platform for students to reach a lay audience that may never be introduced to the topic otherwise.

Broader Impacts: Providing opportunities to practice presenting information to a broad audience will improve the academic excellence of numerous students at OSU. In addition, improving awareness of ongoing research projects throughout the university may inspire collaboration and networking that may not be connected otherwise. Products of this program may be used as tools of recruitment and may increase the overall inter and intra-university competitiveness. This program also seeks to mentor undergraduate students interested in scientific journalism -- to find out more about the opportunities click here.

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