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Inspiration Dissemination was created by the hosts and is produced entirely by OSU student volunteers without financial support.

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Be a part of Inspiration Dissemination on 88.7fm KBVR

Inspiration Dissemination is a weekly, half hour long program on 88.7fm KBVR that features students who are contributing to research at OSU. The three main goals of the show are to inform the community about ongoing research, provide students the opportunity to engage in outreach, and to encourage undergraduates to get involved in research opportunities available to them. The hosts of the Inspiration Dissemination are currently seeking creative and independent students interested in being a part of the program. Opportunities for media involvement include: audio editing, photography, promotional journalism, science writing, web development and more. Students who contribute will have quality work samples that can be used on a resume, and can also receive NMC practicum credit. If you are interested, please contact the hosts at inspirationdissemination@gmail.com

Photography – We are seeking a free-lance photographer to seek out and photograph the guests who are featured on the program while they are conducting research or working on a topic related to the live discussion.

Promotional Journalism – Continually building an audience is critical to successfully achieving the objectives of Inspiration Dissemination. We are interested in promoting each episode and podcast to the entire scientific community of OSU.

Science Writing – Every episode of Inspiration Disseminaiton is an opportunity to publish an science writing piece on the internet. Help us communicate science through writing about the graduate students featured in each episode.

Audio Editing – Audio editing is a substantial component of the program that can easily become products of your initiative.  Every week a new recording is created that requires editing before it is uploaded as a podcast. Each recording consists of raw material recorded directly from the live discussion. Opportunities include cleaning the material, adding fair use music samples, creating compilations of similar topics from multiple episodes, creating “blitz episodes”, and developing program promotional material.

Web Developmenthttp://oregonstate.edu/inspiration is a OSU Drupal 7 website. We are looking for an individual who is interested in web development and would like to gain some experience using Drupal.

Graphic Design - There are several opportunites to use your graphic design skills in the program. We are interested in designs to print on stickers,  t-shirts, promotional flyers, and of course, this website.





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