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Inspiration Dissemination was created by the hosts and is produced entirely by OSU student volunteers without financial support.

Allison Barner

Allison, featured on April 13, 2014, working in the rocky intertidal means being on high alert for incoming waves! Here she is at a site in southern Oregon, near Port Orford, waiting for a wave to pass so I can get back to work before the sun sets.

Jennifer Davidson

Jennifer (right) will be featured on March 30, 2014. Teaching a high schooler all about the field of User Experience Design at the 2014 ChickTech: High School kick-off event in Portland. Photo by Wojtek Rajski.

Meagan Nuss

Meagan Nuss and her friend just outside of Prairie City, looking out towards the Strawberry Mountains of the Malheur National Forest. Meagan will be featured on 3/16/14.

Jade Florence

Mulching is a technique widely used in blueberry farming to conserve moisture and promote soil health. By timing mulch practices effectively and determining appropriate mulch depth, Jade hopes to find an organic control for a blueberry disease

Tye Kindinger

Two previous guests of Inspiration Dissemination working together to catch invasive lionfish from a Bahamian reef. Tye Kindinger and Lillian Tuttle study invasion biology using lionfish as a model system.

Ram Ravichandran

Ram, featured on February 2, 2014, using the chalcogenide deposition system at the OSU cleanroom to make thin films of new solar absorber materials

Rhea Hanselmann

Rhea Hanselmann, featured on January 26, 2014, is a graduate student in the Department of Zoology studying wildlife disease. In this photo she is getting ready to hike a small mammal trap line on an experimental forest clearcut in the Oregon Coast Range.

Drew Ferreira

Drew was featured on January 12, 2014. In this photo Drew is using column chromatography which is an important step in organic molecule synthesis as a purification method.

Javier F. Tabima. R.

Javier Tabima poses in front of a phylogenetic reconstruction of Phytophthora infestans

Matt Ramirez

Matt was featured on November 24, 2013. In this photo, he is sitting next to a nesting loggerhead sea turtle on coast of North Carolina

John Yeo

John Yeo was featured on November 10th, 2013. In this photo he is screening blueberry varieties in the greenhouse for genetic resistance to Phytophthora root rot disease.

Danielle Lightle

Danielle -- featured on October 27th, 2013 -- celebrates the completion of her PhD with a trip to the Grand Canyon.

Zach Wallace

Zach was featured on Inspiration Dissemination on February 3rd, 2013. In this photo he is holding a nestling ferruginous hawk in Wyoming, during processing for genetic samples.

Camerron Crowder

Camerron Crowder, featured October 6th, 2013. In this photo, Camerron is pretending to be a sea star!!

Hannah Tavalire

Hannah Tavalireith with collaborators in Kenya collecting Biomphalaria sudanica snails from Lake Victoria

Jeremy Hoffman

Jeremey was featured on September 22nd, 2013. In this photo, Jeremy is in the cooler of the Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory's Deep Sea Ocean Sediment Core Repository!

Kai Tao

Kai joins Joey and Zhian in the KBVR studio on August 25th, 2013 for an Inspiration Dissemination episode.

The Hosts of Inspiration Dissemination

Joey Hulbert and Zhian Kamvar in the studio at KBVR, Oregon State University

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