Priya Shahani

Research Associate

B.A. Biology and Environmental Sciences, University of Virginia; Ph.D. Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, University of California – Santa Cruz.

Priya joined INR in March 2013 as a research ecologist and analyst. Priya’s professional interests lie primarily in the application of scientific information to improve land management decisions and their conservation outcomes. As part of the Integrated Landscape Assessment Project (ILAP) team, Priya is modeling alternative land management scenarios to inform public land management in the Pacific Northwest and Southwest.

Priya’s prior research has used field and simulation methods to address questions regarding the effects of land management activities on sensitive, common and invasive plant populations; pollinator communities and pollination ecology; wildlife populations; and plant community dynamics.

Prior to joining INR, Priya worked as an Ecologist for Washington State’s Natural Areas Program, where she served as the lead for conservation research and land stewardship at 25 conservation areas east of the Cascades. She also served as the National Coordinator for the Monarch Joint Venture, a conservation partnership focused on protecting the North American monarch migration.