Reaching our goal of connecting Oregonians with science, information, and tools for natural resource decision-making is dependent on our making and sustaining two key connections -- one to Oregon University System research faculty and the other to Oregon decision-makers.


Oregon University System

Since inception INR has had a strong connection to Oregon University System (OUS) faculty through our physical presence in Strand Ag Hall on Oregon State University (OSU) campus in Corvallis. We have recently strengthened our connection to Portland State University (PSU) by relocating our INR-Portland staff to the PSU campus. 

In addition to physical presence at OSU and PSU, we have strong working relationships with faculty from OSU, PSU, and the University of Oregon (UO). We enlist OUS faculty to work with us on a project-by-project basis, bringing specialized expertise to each issue. During the last fiscal year we conservatively estimate that we worked with 60-80 faculty from OSU, PSU, and UO departments and other OUS Institutes, including:


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Oregon Decision-makers

INR also has strong connections with federal, state and local governments, non-governmental organizations, tribes and businesses involved in natural resource and environmental policy and management. INR acts as a collaboration hub for such organizations to connect with the expertise of OUS faculty and staff.

Below is a list of organizations with which we work regularly. These organizations are not only clients but also collaborators and partners in projects addressing Oregon's environmental and natural resource management issues.


State of Oregon

  • Governor’s Natural Resource Cabinet agencies (Agriculture, Columbia Gorge Commission, Energy, Environmental Health, Environmental Quality, Forestry, Fish and Wildlife, Geology and Mineral Industries, Land Conservation and Development, Marine Board, Northwest Power and Conservation Council, Parks and Recreation, Public Utility Commission, State Lands, Water Resources)
  • Oregon Business Plan/Oregon Innovation Council
  • Legislative Natural Resources and Environment Committees

Federal Government


Local Governments


Private Organizations