Oregon Biodiversity Information Center

Oregon Biodiversity Information Center

Capturing and maintaining unique, comprehensive data on rare, threatened, and endangered species throughout Oregon in support of biodiversity conservation and informed decision-making.

Biodiversity conservation is a priority for many organizations and individuals around the state. Making progress towards this challenging goal requires compiling and analyzing extensive information describing Oregon’s plant and animal species -- a process deeply challenging in itself. 

This process is aided by INR’s Oregon Biodiversity Information Center (ORBIC), which gathers and provides access to Oregon’s most comprehensive database of rare, threatened, and endangered species as well as the state’s only database of natural vegetation. The former includes site-specific information on the occurrences, biology, and status of over 2,000 rare, threatened and endangered species throughout Oregon. The latter describes the occurrences and protected locations of all known ecosystem types. 

Originally formed by the Legislature under the name Oregon Natural Heritage Information Center, ORBIC has evolved to become an INR program supporting biodiversity conservation through collecting data and disseminating information about the identification and occurrence of plant, animal and ecological community resources of Oregon. The wealth of information housed at ORBIC is available to all agencies, businesses and individuals by submitting a detailed written request.

ORBIC has been successful in sharing information with agencies, businesses and individuals in promotion of short-term biodiversity conservation. It is also expanding on this success by developing decision support tools to promote long-term biodiversity planning.



See the INR Portland ORBIC Site.

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